the anti-sedentary robot

"Sitting is the new smoking"

We didn't like that, so we decided to create monk, a little robot that will encourage you to stand up every once in a while.

He doesn't like sitting down for too long. Once this happens, you should grab him and walk around for a bit. He'll let you know when you've moved around enough time.

Happy Monk
Monk Flying

How Monk Works

Packed with motion sensors and a microprocessor, monk can tell when he is being moved. He's smart, though, he can tell whether he's been moved enough time and not just shaken a bit.


Standing up every hour and moving around oxygenates your body, stretches your muscles and activates circulation. Also, segmenting your day in series of one-hours can help you stay organized and increase your productivity.

Monk Flying


Interested in monk?

We'll soon launch a crowdfunding
campaign to start production.